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Researcher. Educator. Clinician. Mom. (In no particular order).

Hello! I am an Associate Professor in counselor education at Virginia Tech, and I hold a license for professional counseling in Florida and Virginia. I keep up a very small practice with a handful of clients because I feel it is important to stay engaged with clinical work. 

I love the work of counseling, and I'm equally passionate about preparing future counselors. I want all clients to benefit from highly empathic, culturally humble counselors who know how to join people at the depths of their struggle. My research is similarly fueled by questions that explore how we can each see beyond ourselves - whether due to cultural background, intersectional identities, beliefs and values, etc. - in order to fully hold space for another person. I love empathy because of what it can offer us as a way to move towards deeper knowing of others. I love to examine the "taboo topics" - of race, politics, religion, and sexual/gender identity - to demonstrate how celebrating the diversity within our varied identities can lead to deeper and more rewarding connections. 

I also hold the honor of being a mom to two incredible kids who teach me everyday how to laugh and how to love. When I'm not doing my work you can find me going for a run, walking my dog, driving to the beach, or just soaking up time with my people. 

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